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Amerifund is an alternative financial service provider offering the best self-employed loan options. We understand the unique challenges that come with being self-employed, so we help ensure you don't face them alone.

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Our company makes it easier for hard-working Americans to achieve the American Dream. We know it's hard to get funding. However, loans for self-employed are tailor-made, providing you the opportunity to build wealth and improve your credit score with one single loan.

Tailor Made Loans

Loans Offered

Interest Rate

Commercial LoansPlease Call
Jumbo LoansPlease Call
30-Year Fixed Rate2.5%
20-Year Fixed Rate2.375%
15-Year Fixed Rate1.99%
10-Year Fixed Rate1.875%
7/1 ARM Rate2.5%
5/1 ARM Rate2.375%
30-Year FHA Rate2.5%

Bank Statement Mortgage Loans

Amerifund Corporation offers loans specifically for self-employed individuals such as independent contractors and small business owners. For self-employed mortgages with Amerifund Corporation, W2's and tax returns are not required in order to obtain a mortgage loan.

We Are One of the Best Mortgage Companies for Self Employed Loans

As one of the top mortgage companies for self employed individuals, Amerifund offers the best mortgage rates and terms without going through banks.

Home Loans for Self Employed

Amerifund offers home loans for self employed individuals to make the dream of owning your own home come true. We give clients with self-employed incomes a powerful new option to get the cash they need without an expensive bank loan.

Home Loan Eligibility for Self Employed

Were you wondering if your self-employed income qualifies you for home loan eligibility? Whether you're self-employed, have bad or poor credit, or don't have W2s, Amerifund can help. Know your home loan eligibility for self employed criteria!


Individuals qualify based on their personal assets and collateral provided during the application process.

Bad/Poor Credit

Individuals who apply qualify based on their personal cash flow. We approve poor or bad credit applicants!

No W2's

Applicants qualify based on their personal or asset-based cash flow and not on their W2's or yearly taxes. 

Alternative Incomes

Applicants can qualify based on additional alternative income documentation. No taxes? No problem.

Customized Business Owner Mortgage Loan

Get a business owner mortgage loan that fits your budget and provides the best possible interest rate. Amerifund Corporation offers a simple solution to meet your mortgage needs. Financing your dream home has never been easier. Fill out an application and receive a quick response.


  • Easier credit guidelines

  • As little as 10% down payment

  • We look at your cash flow, not your taxes

  • Minimum credit score of 580

  • Pre-approved letter within 10 minutes

  • Multiple occupancy types available 


Self-Employed Mortgages Loans

We Have Helped Hundreds of Applicants Qualify for Home Loans

Self-Employed Mortgages Loans

At Amerifund Corporation we understand many small business owners and independent contractors want to purchase a home but don't have all the typical documentation lenders need for a typical mortgage loan inquiry. Our company has gone above and beyond to ensure that even if you don't have a W2 or a tax return you are still able to qualify for a home loan. Self-Employed Mortgages allow us to get you qualified for a home loan by using your bank account balances for the past 3 months. Self-Employed Mortgages are beneficial for borrower's true income is based and documented off of their bank statements. Return to work program, only one paycheck needed. 

We Cover All Your Self-Employed Mortgage Loans Needs

Struggling to get a house loan? Forgot to update your credit? No problem! We have you covered. Self-Employed Mortgage Loans, with affordable monthly payments, no hassle, and minimum credit score. You can qualify based on your cash flow.

Get the Home of Your Dreams with a Self-Employed Mortgage Loan

Amerifund is the perfect alternative if you have a hard time qualifying for a traditional mortgage. Self-employed borrowers usually are faced with more challenging qualifying criteria than traditional employees, but a Self-Employed Mortgage Loan can help them to get the home of their dreams.

We Specialize in Delivering Mortgages for Self-Employed

Proving your income and finding an affordable mortgage can be hard, so we are here to guide you. We specialize in mortgages for self-employed borrowers to help these professionals find the right loan solutions to purchase their homes.


Do you have a great credit score and are self-employed but are not able to qualify for a traditional mortgage because of your lack of steady income? Mortgage Loans for Self-Employed are the perfect solution. Here are the requirements to apply for mortgage loans for self-employed borrowers.

  • 50% DTI (for LTV to 85%) & 43% DTI (for LTV to 90%)

  • Maximum loan amount of $8,500,000

  • 3 to 12-month PITIA (principal, interests, taxes, and association dues)

  • Up to 90% Loan-to-Value (LTV) with a minimum FICO score of at least 720

  • A minimum loan amount of at least $100,000

  • A minimum credit score of at least 580

*$8,500,000 maximum loan amount is for California properties only.

Get a Mortgage for Independent Contractor from Amerifund Corporation

We know you're busy with your work and building your business, so at Amerifund Corporation, we make getting a mortgage for Independent Contractor as easy as possible with the best rates and low credit score.

We Offer the Best Independent Contractor Mortgages in the Industry

We provide several financing options for independent contractor mortgages in the US. We have the perfect solution for contractors who cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage.

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