Foreign National Loans in California

A foreign national loan in CA is a specific type of loan specifically for non-US citizens to buy investment properties within the United States. For individuals with a primary residence outside of the United States, foreign national loans in CA are a great way to purchase an investment property or even a vacation home. 


Because foreign national loans are for international borrower's you would not qualify if you identify as a US citizen, permanent resident, non-permanent resident. The LTV (Loan to Value) has a maximum of 70% and the debt ratio must be under at least 31%. 

Having an investment property within the United States gives borrowers the opportunity to take advantage of the tax benefits and gives them the ability to purchase a higher value property. When you choose Amerifund Corporation & Realty for your foreign national mortgage loan our mortgage lenders have your best interests in mind giving you the best options available.  

What are the Requirements for Obtaining a Foreign National Loan? 

A foreign national loan has different requirements and interest rates than most mortgage loans available to US citizens. For most foreign national loans the borrower will need to put at least 25% down to obtain a mortgage from a bank or private lender such as Amerifund Corporatio & Realty. To qualify for a foreign nationalR loan the home you are looking to finance must be an investment property and cannot be for a primary residence. The borrower's intention when applying for a foreign national loan in CA must be for vacation or investments only. In order to qualify for the loan, you must be able to prove that you are actively living in another country and do not have intentions of moving to the United States permanently without the proper visas. 

In addition to higher down payments, the interest rates are higher, not all banks offer foreign national loans, there are tax implications, and the documentation requirements are must different as well. While applying for a foreign national loan in CA may seem intimidating at first, it shouldn't be. Our seasoned mortgage lenders at Amerifund Corporation & Realty have the experience and knowledge to make the process as seamless and simple as possible for individuals looking to apply for a foreign national loan. 


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